Can Magento Work On Shared Hosting?

The usual questions we have about technology could be answered in two ways—technically, and profoundly.

The answer to the question of running Magento on shared hosting, technically, is yes. That is why there is an option of the Linux shared hosting. It can run, but there is no guarantee that the platform would run well.

We all have learned that Magento is an extensive resource ecommerce platform. It is more complicated than its rivals, mainly because it has to run on its own server. Like all other sites and programs, Magento works best and is able to maximize its potentials when it runs on a dedicated server or a VPS. Ecommerce business

What can happen when you run Magento on shared hosting?

    • Magento will run very slowly. It could load slower than it used to, even more when the theme of your store is one that is responsive. A premium Magento theme cannot work well and would not work for you sales if you run your store on shared hosting.
    • Your customers will have a negative shopping experience. People like ecommerce because it enables them to buy what they need when they need it, just by their fingertips. When your ecommerce store runs slow, you miss the point you want to get when you decided to sell online. They will most likely get frustrated, and perhaps never browse your store again
    • Negative shopping experience will naturally lead to lower traffic and lower sales.
    • Also, if you really insist in running Magento through shared hosting, you must learn which shared hosting accounts can get it done best. There are a lot to choose from. You have to ask around and research before actually using one.

Magento was designed to work on a dedicated server, which is what you should stick to. If you decide to do it via shared hosting, be careful with the images you upload, as large ones could make your site load even slower. Also, make sure the server you choose is PCI compliant. Otherwise, it is simply not worth it. Can Magento Work On Windows?