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What Magento customers were likely to buy?

One of today’s ecommerce giants, Magento, has two things to thank when it comes to its massive success in the industry. More and more people choose to run their online businesses in this platform because of the wide array of Magento themes and the vast variety of third party applications and extensions available.

There are a lot of features Magento can be proud of, but those two most definitely tops every user’s favourite thing about it.

Now, while Magento is already a powerhouse type of ecommerce platform, it could be made even better through some apps and add-ons available in the store, too. Magento users know this, most especially if they have first-hand experience with the app. Thankfully, Magento has a marketplace of its own with tons of extensions you can choose from. These extensions vary from SEO, customer support, and so much more—but they were all developed for the common purpose of giving your customers a better shopping experience which would result to more sales and better traffic. Shopify app,Click here

Here are apps and extensions mostly downloaded and used by Magento users after they installed the platform.

  • Advanced product video extension. Why add videos when photos can do the work? Naturally, product videos command more attention, and are proven to have higher conversion rates and sales as compared to photos. Messages are easily and effectively conveyed. What’s more, these extensions allow you to upload as many videos as you deem necessary.
  • Magento Affiliate.Apps like these are created for a reason. Affiliate marketing has been proven to help increase a store’s sales, because you get to have a larger market without much effort. Your affiliates can send you clients, and they get some percentage from each sale—a clear win-win situation.
  • Automatic Related Products extension. There have been studies done about online shopping, where results show that most customers are hugely influenced by the choices of their fellow consumers. This is especially true for those who are shopping online for the first time. They tend to look at the bestselling items more than those that do not sell much. Plus, this extension will automatically show products based on your client’s behaviour, so you know it is totally relevant to their choices and preferences.
  • Magento Performance Speed Booster. The reason why ecommerce made it big is that people loved it because they save so much time. They can purchase what they need or want just by their fingertips, even while lying in bed at home. Make them save more time by adding an extension that will make loading your page easier. Sites that take longer to load will naturally frustrate customers, which should never be your objective when you sell online.
  • Facebook Discount Extension. Facebook exists where Magento does, which is why you have all the reasons to add this one. This will encourage your customers to share your page on their pages, which will boost your traffic and maybe even improve your sales. In exchange to their simple efforts in ‘marketing’ and ‘promoting’ your Magento store, you give them discounts. Discounts will also encourage them to spend money on your store.
  • Estimated Delivery extension. When people are shopping online for the first time, they are naturally anxious about spending money on something they are not guaranteed to. This extension will most likely make them feel at ease because they know when to expect what they ordered. Every time you meet your published estimated delivery, they trust you more, which is always a great thing for customer-business relations.

Magento might be a bit more complicated than other platforms, but you are bound to reap its rewards once you have installed it. To maximize Magento’s perks, give these add-ons a try. They will help you sell online more effectively, and will also make your customers happy.